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  • Does the U.S. Military use your Weapons?
    Yes, some U.S. Special Force units are currently using our PSR (Precision Sniper Rifle) 7.62mm deployment kits. They were first adopted by SOCOM in 2017 as an equivalency to the M110.
  • Do you offer Cerakote?
    Yes, we offer Cerakote applied over the Hard coat anodize to offer a double layer of protection against harsh elements. There is an upcharge for this service
  • Can I order a custom build to my specs?
    Yes! Simply supply us with a build sheet including what accessories you would like and we will customize a quote for your build.
  • What makes your Barrels more accurate than others on the market?
    We utilize a SEPR (Hybrid Polygonal Rifling) that by design provides a tighter seal around the projectile, allowing higher velocity compared to other rifling and better projectile sabilization through minimal deformation. This increases the overall accuracy achieved.
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