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"LET US PUT YOUR PRODUCT ON TARGET" at GO2 Weapons, we believe that the heart of any platform lies within the accuracy and performance of the barrel and and overall tolerances of mating components. Not only are accuracy and quality expectations held to the extremes, we believe that reliability, dependability and affordability are as equally important. With that mindset, we strive to utilize the latest industry technology to stay at the forefront of innovation to continuously improve our products and delivery what we proudly claim as one of the "Best of the Best".  Contact GO2 WEAPONS Firearm Manufactuer  of AR15 and AR10 Sniper rifles to explore the opportunities of an OEM line to personalize your platform and take it to the next level of quality and accuracy. With GO2 OEM, your product will rival other top end manufactures and not break the budget. We can manufacture from customer supplied drawings or offer an OEM from one of our many in house products. Call us to discuss how we can enhance your platform and solidify your name in the industry as one of the "Best of the Best". Exceptional accuracy at an affordable price, make GO2 Weapons your manufacturing partner. Benefit from our engineered accuracy and high quality standards. For more information contact our sales department at 

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