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GO2 Weapons G2 PSR Piston (Precision Sniper Rifle) is our newest addition to the PSR line that is currently in use by U.S. Special Force Units deployed around the world. Battle Born and Combat Proven, it is built with the long range precision marksman in mind. The PSR Piston is 7.62mm platform has multiple gas settings with enhanced accuracy and range. The SEPR 416R Cryo treated match grade barrel boast supreme in class accuracy. This weapon comes standard with ambidextrous controls to for shooter adaptability. The Crisp Geissele SSA-E two stage trigger, harris ultralight bipod and adjustable stock makes this a precision shooters choice of weapons.OPTICS NOT INCLUDED

PSR Piston (Govt.)

  • Model: PSR


    Caliber: 7.62mm

    Barrel: SEPR 18.5" 416R Cryo

    Twist: 1:10

    Length: 39.25"

    Weight: 10lb 12oz

    Capacity: 20rds


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